Massaggio Ayurvedico Yoga Tradizionale metodo Kusum Modak
Consulenze di Prevenzione alla Salute secondo la Tradizione Erboristica Mediterranea e i Principi  dell'AyurVeda Maharishi

My Life & Work is inspired by Veda.

You will find natural treatments and therapies for a Total Sense of Wellness.

We can create a personalised Programme, we can work side by side to find out what you need to manage stress and live in a State of Wellness:

 ~ Treatments and Bodywork

~ Food to feed the body and the Mind "playing" with Qualities, Tastes and Senses

~ Sound Healing and Meditation.

I  want to start a Process with you and build a dynamic comunication through the Blog, e-mail and face to face explaining Ayurveda step by step for a real connection with the daily Life as an expression of Natural Lifestyle.

Formazione    Corsi     Sessioni Individuali    Laboratori     Workshop
Ayurvedic Health Consulting
& Massage Therapy

Rome IT 

London UK


Tel:  IT   +39 366 3675559

         UK +44 7462 606070

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