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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a powerfull therapeutic thecnique in body massage which stems from the fusion of Yoga and Ayurveda, two ancient indian sciences.

The massage is given on a thick mat on the floor with pure natural oils and herbal powder, using feet and hands strocking the full body. It uses a specialized thecnique to eliminate tension from joints and muscles in order to correct and realign one's posture.

Passive Yoga Postures, fascia's  reharmonizing, pillows, towels are the tools that will support your body to find the right condition and a sense of relief.

Ayuvedic Yoga Massage restores the nervous system and regulates the function of all the physiological systems, improving oxigenation and intense regeneration.

Breathing and Movement become a body meditation.

The treatment includes several benefits such as:

* Release deep stress and tensions, induces deep sense of relaxation and peace of mind

* Rejuvenates body, mind and soul

* Opens up the body increasing the flexibility of joints and muscles

* Realigns the body posture and relieves many chronic conditions

* Improves all physicall system (circulatory, lymphatic and digestive)

* Increases and harmonizes the flow of vital energy (Prana), bringing up reserves and a the sense of stillness

* Helps removing toxins from the muscles

* Balances the chakras (energy centres)


The Oils used during the Ayurvedic Yoga Session are usual Sesami or Olive, warm, deeply permeability and decontract action in according with the Vata Energy that is related to the Nervous System straight connected with the skin and the effect of stress on body and mind.

Stress is the main toxin that changes completly the information about the right way to function and changes our state of mind ....stress changes comunication between the inner system creating a overhelmed work and several diseas.


Every Session is a deep journay inside your flexibility and your awareness about your body and your mind, the connection between them and the way you manage. Mind influences body and the posture changes toughts. In according to your own capicity and state , i will support you to release stress and open your body softly and firmly till the point you will feel a state of wellness, a State of Zero Stress.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a worldwidetradition
to bring people Health Beauty & Grace

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